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Costs at a glance

Cost overview

Here we provide an overview of the costs for our various therapy options.
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Costs for psychotherapy - privately insured / self-payer

Services are calculated according to the fee schedule for psychotherapists (GOP) with the factor: 2.5. This means that a 50 minute treatment is 109,29€ costs. Often, only the factor 2.3 is reimbursed by the PKV. This means that you yourself 8,74€ per session to be paid by yourself.

Costs for occupational therapy - privately insured / self-payer

Please inquire yourself with your private insurance/benefit if and to what extent the costs for occupational therapy are reimbursed.

We charge our costs according to the fee schedule for therapists (GebüTh).

Costs for neurofeedback - privately insured / self-payer

Neurofeedback is a so-called individual health service (IGEL service). In principle, these costs are not covered by health insurance.

However, it is possible for private health insurance companies to cover the costs of treatment as part of psychotherapy or occupational therapy. If certain symptoms (such as ADHD) are present, then neurofeedback is also partially adopted. However, please check with your insurance company in detail for this.

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