Psychological counseling Düsseldorf

Both children, adolescents and adults can be affected by psychological stress. A frank conversation with close people is the first step to recovery. However, those affected by psychological stress often find it difficult to talk about their mental problems or seek help, regardless of age. If conversations with family and friends are not possible or no longer sufficient, professional psychological counseling can be sought in Düsseldorf. At Vivare Health Center, neutral, empathic and experienced psychotherapists will help you to better understand your situation and problems and find solutions from the crisis. With us, you have the opportunity to discuss specific problems as well as personal conflict issues with our psychotherapists in a confidential setting. Together we work out solutions to your problems, complaints and disorders and try to deal with them quickly.

Professional psychological counseling in Düsseldorf

Trained psychotherapists

At Vivare Health Center, only licensed psychotherapists provide psychological counseling in order to provide top-notch, scientifically based assistance.

Support for children, youth and adults

Our top trained psychotherapists will assist you with psychological counseling in any challenging life situations. We help children, adolescents and adults to deal more competently and better with concrete conflicts or life issues.

Parent Coaching

If children and adolescents are affected by mental disorders, this also places a high burden on parents or other caregivers. For this reason, we offer counseling as well as coaching for parents and caregivers to better deal with children’s social and psychological problems or learning difficulties.

Consulting in different settings

Whether alone, in a group, as a couple or as a family, Vivare Health Center offers therapies in numerous settings. This way, we can solve your problems completely anonymously or in exchange with people who are close to you or have experienced the same.

Vivare Health Center: We offer support for mental health problems

Child psychology Düsseldorf

In our child psychology department, children between 0-13 years of age are treated with occupational therapy measures appropriate to their age.

Psychotherapy Düsseldorf

In psychotherapy, mental disorders are diagnosed and treated with occupational therapy as well as behavioral therapy.

Treatment of patients with health insurance

We are licensed psychological psychotherapists with statutory health insurance and care for patients with statutory health insurance, private health insurance and self-pay patients.

Occupational therapy adults

Occupational therapy can be used as a treatment approach for adults with both mental and physical health conditions.

Pediatric occupational therapy

Occupational therapy treatment for children and adolescents is aimed at building up the patients’ emotional, mental and social abilities.

Adolescent Psychology Düsseldorf

Adolescent psychology specializes in mental disorders in young people between the ages of 14 and 21.

Psychological counseling and accompaniment

Both children, adolescents and adults can be affected by psychological stress. A frank conversation with close people is the first step to recovery. However, those affected by psychological stress often find it difficult to talk about their mental problems or seek help, regardless of age. If conversations with family and friends are not possible or no longer sufficient, professional help can be sought. At Vivare Health Center, neutral, empathic and experienced psychotherapists will help you better understand your situation and problems and find solutions from the crisis.

Professional advice in all life situations

The term psychological consultant is not a protected professional title. So anyone who wants to call themselves a psychological consultant can do so. The range of consulting services is therefore diverse and the quality varies greatly. We attach great importance to a high standard of counseling and the qualifications of the people who provide psychological counseling with us. Therefore, at Vivare Health Center you will be advised exclusively by trained psychotherapists. We support them competently and with scientifically based methods on their way to find answers to personal life questions, to develop new skills or to better participate in life.

The topics for which psychological counseling is sought in Düsseldorf are diverse and often depend on the particular stage of life of the person concerned. Your child is having problems at school, you are having difficulties raising him or her, stress in your studies, depressive moods, fear of a new orientation – you are simply in a crisis that you cannot get out of on your own? No matter what problem or crisis you are going through, as psychological counselors we are here to help you through all of life’s challenges. We take a close look at the problem, decision or crisis situation and, depending on the individual problem, select suitable strategies and measures to support you in finding a solution.

The consulting situation may look different depending on the problem. For example, there are individual, couple, family, or group settings. However, psychological counseling is usually a personal conversation between you and our therapists. Due to technological advancements, there are numerous ways to perform this consultation these days. At Vivare Health Center, counseling sessions take place in person, on the phone, by mail, or online via chat, for example. So you can choose the variant with which you feel most comfortable. This is important because only an open and transparent conversation can provide a way out of the crisis for those affected. No concern need be embarrassing to you: Our therapists are bound by professional secrecy. With the help of counseling, you can then find your way back to your strengths, build new skills, and become more resilient as a person, couple, or family to future stresses.

Whether problems at school or at work, drastic life events such as a separation or existential questions: life is full of challenges that are not always easy to overcome. Vivare Health Center provides psychological counseling to help you understand and find a solution to specific problems or conflicts. In all cases, the goal is to improve the subjective satisfaction and quality of life of those affected.

Who is eligible for psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling for children and adolescents

Children and adolescents are particularly often affected by mental health problems. But often the mental stress goes unrecognized because the symptoms resemble normal developmental behavior. In a personal consultation, you or your children can receive advice – also preventive – on psychological concerns, uncertainties or problems that may affect the quality of life or everyday life. This is because the goal of counseling is to help those affected to develop new perspectives and their own constructive solutions and alternative ways of behaving, and thus to quickly overcome an acute crisis situation. Psychotherapists serve as a supporting authority, giving concrete help to prevent complaints and disorders.

Psychological counseling can also help identify disorders that are pathological and provide a referral to psychotherapeutic treatments. If the child or adolescent does not show any improvement or it turns out that it is not just a psychological stress but a mental illness, our psychotherapists can immediately offer you further suggestions on therapy options.

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Psychological counseling for adults:

Burnout, stress, chronic fatigue: the spectrum of mental stress in adults is broad. It is not only drastic life events such as loss or separations that plunge people into crisis. Stressful everyday or professional situations such as pressure to perform or unfulfilled needs can also trigger crises. In the course of the consultation, solutions and necessary steps that you need to overcome the crisis will be worked out together. We also accompany you during the implementation. The counseling thus serves as help for self-help. Strengthening the autonomy and self-efficacy of those affected is an important goal of all counseling. In addition, we can inform you about appropriate therapeutic procedures, if needed.

To prevent stress from becoming entrenched and developing into mental disorders or illnesses, you should seek counseling early on. The following topics may be a concern for counseling:

  • Burnout
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears
  • Losses
  • Difficult phases of life
  • Phobias
  • Sleep disorders
  • And many more

Psychological counseling for students

Certain groups of people, such as students, are increasingly affected by psychological stress. Often it is high expectations, time and performance pressure as well as financial worries or fears about the future that burden students. In the worst case, this stress can develop into psychological disorders such as panic attacks or depression. Counseling services are intended to have a preventive effect here. Positive personal developments should be initiated and the development of permanent and serious problems prevented. In the course of psychological counseling at the Vivare Health Center, those affected learn, with the support of psychotherapists, proven strategies that can help, for example, in reducing stress or in strengthening self-confidence. The wide range of counseling services also allows students to remain in their familiar surroundings and still receive psychological counseling.

Important information about psychological counseling Düsseldorf

What is the difference between psychological counseling and psychotherapy?

Within the framework of psychological counseling, in contrast to psychotherapy, no diagnoses are made with regard to mental disorders, nor are any mental disorders with pathological value treated. Psychological counseling has only a supportive function to overcome psychological stress. The focus is thus on assistance in resolving and overcoming personal or social conflicts and acute crises. Thus, psychological counseling can basically be used by any person who is looking for new strategies to cope with problems and professional support in difficult situations. This primarily involves discussions – these can take place in an individual, couple or group setting. Within psychological counseling you are therefore not treated, but only advised. However, we can inform you about other therapy options and treatment methods if the need arises.

What should psychological consultants look for?

The term psychological counselor is not a legally protected professional title in Germany. For this reason, anyone can provide psychological counseling. If you are looking for counseling, make sure that the counselors have undergone sound and scientifically validated training and have the necessary skills to provide optimal assistance. This can be either a medical or psychological background. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the psychological counselor is a neutral, empathetic, and trustworthy person. Because only in a trusting setting at eye level, in which open discussions can take place, can a sustainable overcoming of the problems take place. At Vivare Health Center you will be counselled only by professionally trained and empathic people: All our counselors are licensed psychotherapists. In this way, we guarantee scientifically sound and competent advice.

Will the cost of psychological counseling be covered?

In contrast to psychotherapy, psychological counseling is not a service provided by the statutory health insurance funds – so the costs are not covered. Private health insurance companies also rarely cover the cost of counseling. However, the respective conditions in the contract should always be clarified in advance. Thus, psychological counseling can usually only be obtained as self-pay. However, the self-payment of a psychological consultation has, among other things, the advantage that absolute discretion prevails. In this case, there is no need to prepare a report for the health insurance company. Depending on the particular area of life in which you seek counseling, the cost of the service may also be tax deductible.

When is psychological counseling in Düsseldorf useful?

Psychological counseling is usually sought because of a specific problem or conflict, but it can also be preventive. Individual counseling goals may be something like the following: Resolve decision-making difficulties, promote personality development, clarify issues related to life change, general, career or family reorientation, educational opportunities, career planning or improving work and learning, promote the maintenance of mental health, solve problems at work or school. Psychological counseling in Düsseldorf is intended to serve as a support to quickly and independently solve and overcome the everyday or social stresses. So, in the best case, this is a short-term counseling, which is accompanied by the resolution of the conflict or crisis, as well as more zest for life, self-confidence and independence. Should it become apparent during the psychological consultation that further therapy is necessary, we will of course also inform you about possible treatment methods.

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