Psychologist for patients with health insurance in Düsseldorf

We at Vivare offer support as a psychologist for patients with health insurance in Düsseldorf. Epidemiological studies show that, on an annual basis, around 25% of all under-18s in Germany suffer from a mental disorder. Young people who experience mental illness in childhood and adolescence are also at greater mental health risk as adults. As the health reporting of the health insurance funds shows, this number is growing: sick leaves due to mental diagnoses have increased continuously, especially since 2006. In the wake of the Corona pandemic, this increase has intensified. People from lower socioeconomic strata have significantly higher psychosocial stress and thus risks. As a psychologist for panel patients in Düsseldorf, we have made it our goal to offer first-class psychotherapeutic treatment to all those affected by psychological problems.

Vivare offers excellent treatment as a psychologist for patients with health insurance in Düsseldorf

First-class treatment for patients with health insurance

The earlier mental illness is identified and treated, the better. As psychotherapists for statutory health insurance patients, we are available to all persons with statutory health insurance with our knowledge in order to reduce their suffering.

Top trained staff

Our team of psychotherapists and occupational therapists will care for you with the utmost attentiveness, always taking a professional, empathetic and respectful approach. Thanks to professional and social skills, we help children, young people and adults to reach their full potential.

Scientifically based treatment

At Vivare Health Center, only sustainable and scientifically based treatment methods are used. For this reason, we rely primarily on occupational therapy or behavioral therapy for psychotherapeutic treatment.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavior therapy is based on the fact that people learn their behaviors through experiences over the course of their lives and can thus unlearn them. If patients unlearn patterns or if the patterns are socially inappropriate, psychological distress can result. Together we work on new or lost behaviors that will help you regain skills and gain self-confidence and independence.

Targeted support for health insurance patients with psychological stress

Child psychology Düsseldorf

In our child psychology Düsseldorf we treat children from birth with occupational therapy measures. The earlier problems are identified and treated, the better.

Psychotherapy Düsseldorf

Psychotherapy uses psychological methods such as psychotherapeutic interviews, relaxation techniques or cognitive methods to identify and treat psychological problems.

Adolescent Psychology Düsseldorf

People between the ages of 14 and 21 are most often affected by mental illness. We help you identify whether behaviors are signs of mental illness or part of the normal process of growing up.

Occupational therapy adults

If you are plagued by mental health problems as an adult, just as with physical illnesses, you should not wait to seek professional help.

Who pays for psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a benefit of the statutory health insurance, which means that the statutory health insurance funds generally cover the entire cost of psychotherapy. However, only the costs of therapies that are scientifically recognized in the psychotherapy guidelines are covered. These include behavioral therapy, depth psychology-based and analytical psychotherapy, and systemic therapy.

Psychotherapy for patients with statutory health insurance, private health insurance, persons entitled to subsidies and self-pay patients in Düsseldorf

If a mental disorder is present, patients covered by health insurance can take advantage of four probationary sessions with a psychologist in Düsseldorf without submitting an application. This means they can go directly to a psychotherapist’s office without a referral and get to know the therapists better that way. All that is needed is the health insurance card. After these four units, an application for cost coverage can be submitted to the respective health insurance company. This must be approved, after which treatment can begin. If the application is approved, 60 units can be arranged. The costs for this are borne in full by the health insurance fund. If there is a need to extend the therapy, a second application can be submitted to the health insurance company. If approved, therapy will be extended for an additional 20 units. If the health insurance company rejects an application, this decision can be appealed. If the objection is also rejected, a free lawsuit can be filed with the social court.

In contrast to statutory health insurance, the benefits provided by private health insurance are not uniformly regulated. Many private health insurance companies refuse coverage for mentally ill people or limit benefits in the event of mental illness. For this reason, privately insured persons should check in advance which services are covered by contract. In most cases, private health insurers only reimburse the costs of treatment with psychotherapeutic methods that are recognized and fully covered by statutory insurance. If the costs are covered in full or in part, this should in any case be recorded in writing before the start of treatment.

The allowance is a financial support in cases of illness, nursing care, death and birth for certain groups of persons such as civil servants, soldiers and judges as well as their children and spouses. The state aid covers about 50% of the costs for treatment by licensed psychotherapists. In any case, it is also advisable to have the assumption of costs confirmed in writing before starting treatment. Self-pay patients pay the entire cost of psychotherapy themselves and are usually treated like privately insured patients. The cost of treatment is based on the fee schedule for therapists (GebüTh). At Vivare Health Center, our goal is to provide straightforward and professional treatment to all patients in need of psychotherapy.

Many need psychological care: for this reason, we support patients with health insurance coverage

Mental illness in Germany

On an annual basis, about 25% of all under-18s in Germany suffer from one or more mental illnesses. Numerous studies show that young adults are most often affected by mental disorders, while older people are least likely to experience them. This is problematic in that the mental disorder can have far-reaching effects on further life. The earlier mental illnesses are recognized, the better the chances of recovery for those affected.

The proportion of the population with diagnosed mental disorders is constantly increasing. On the one hand, this may be a sign that people with mental illness are less stigmatized nowadays and that problems are dealt with more openly. At the same time, it may also be an indication that external factors such as crises are having an increasing impact on the population. For example, the Covid 19 pandemic significantly increased the number of mental illnesses.

Differences between men and women

Mental illness doesn’t stop at anyone. But it turns out that there are differences not only in age, but also in the gender of those affected. In Germany, for example, almost one in three women is affected by mental health problems, while it is approximately one in four to one in five men. The respective disorders also differ between men and women: While women are affected by anxiety disorders and affective disorders about twice as often as men, men show substance use disorders significantly more often.

Course of a session

If you or someone in your environment is affected by mental health problems, you are welcome to contact our psychologists for panel patients in Düsseldorf. We will also be happy to give you a free consultation first about all our forms of therapy. If you decide to seek help, we will conduct an initial consultation so that you can get to know us and we can become familiar with your concerns. If a mental illness is present, four probationary sessions can then be booked, during which a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is developed. In the process, we jointly determine the goals and methods with which the psychotherapy will take place. The statutory health insurance covers the full cost of therapy, provided it is a mental disorder with “disease value”.

These include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • Addiction
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

When the soul needs help

We offer behavioral therapy for numerous problem areas.

Mental illness can affect anyone. This is because it is often sudden crises, difficult phases in life or changes in life circumstances that cause people to lose their mental balance. This could be, for example, a separation, a move, career changes, a serious illness or severe physical ailments or other changes that lead to a high level of suffering. Are you stuck in such a state yourself and can’t find a way out? Do you notice that someone around you has been withdrawn for a long time and is not devoted to family, friends or leisure activities? It often helps to already enter into a conversation with a knowledgeable, professional and neutral person. As a panel practice for psychotherapy in Düsseldorf, we are here to help you and those around you regain your inner balance.

Therefore, we offer:

  • solution-oriented and transparent treatment concepts, which are adapted to your individual needs
  • trusting and appreciative cooperation
  • Behavioral therapy to cope with psychological stress in the long term

The most important information for our patients

When is psychological psychotherapy advisable?

Psychological psychotherapy is advisable in all cases when you or someone in your environment is affected by psychological problems and these can no longer be coped with alone or without professional help. We clarify all your questions and uncertainties and help you to master the everyday demands of life again. Often psychological problems also occur in connection with physical complaints – psychotherapy is also advisable in these cases. In our initial consultation, we get to the bottom of the problems and clarify whether the physical causes are responsible or partly responsible for the mental illness. Depending on this, psychological psychotherapy or another treatment method may be more appropriate. If psychological psychotherapy is an option for you, the first probationary sessions can begin. This is four sessions designed to help us get to know each other and build a trusting relationship. In addition, the therapy goals, the further procedure and the treatment plan are clarified.

How does psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapeutic treatment is used to alleviate and manage psychological suffering and mental illness. We rely on various methods of behavioral therapy such as conversation or preparation for direct confrontation with difficult situations. The basis for successful psychotherapy is the trusting relationship between us and our patients. We therefore adapt all treatments to the individual wishes and needs of our patients. We treat children, adolescents and adults in our practice, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. If children and adolescents are treated, it can be helpful and even necessary to involve reference persons from the family and social environment, if this is desired by the patients. Therapeutic discussions may also take place with the caregivers. Psychotherapy thus makes it possible to discuss and rethink one’s own experience, behavior, and relationship experiences in a protected setting – and thus to strive for and bring about lasting changes.

At what age can one go to psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy guidelines, which have been in effect since 2017, divide patients by age group. Up to and including thirteen years of age, patients are referred to as children, and from 14 to and including 21 years of age, patients are referred to as adolescents. Patients 18 and older can decide whether to see a child and adolescent psychotherapist or begin adult psychotherapy, according to the guidelines. Child and adolescent psychotherapy that has been started can be continued or completed after the age of 21. Vivare Health Center treats both children, adolescents and adults with mental disorders. However, we have specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry. Young people, that is, all those who have reached the age of 14, can independently make an appointment and come by. If desired, caregivers from the social environment can also be included in the therapy during child and adolescent psychotherapy.

When does health insurance cover the costs of psychotherapy?

In principle, the statutory health insurances cover the entire costs of psychotherapy, provided that a mental illness or a disorder “with disease value” is present. These include, for example, anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, and addictive disorders. Whether a mental illness is present is clarified with the psychotherapist before treatment begins during the first consultation session. The costs of psychotherapy are also covered by the statutory health insurance funds in the case of severe physical complaints that have subsequently led to psychological stress. It should be noted, however, that only the costs for psychotherapeutic procedures that are recognized within the framework of the statutory health insurance are covered. These include behavioral therapy, which is applied by our team, analytical psychotherapy, depth psychology-based psychotherapy and systemic therapy for adults.

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