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Group therapy for children and adolescents

Therapy offer: Group therapy

Our team at Vivare Health Center consists of different professional groups. This allows us to provide an individually tailored offer, adapted to personal strengths and goals, for our patients. Through this individual approach, we can achieve holistic, effective and sustainable relief or healing of psychological stress.

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Scientifically sound methods

We rely exclusively on scientifically based methods and treat our patients using occupational therapy, behavioral therapy and neurofeedback. Together we develop an understanding of the causes as well as coping strategies to steer your thoughts and actions in a positive direction. However, individually tailored therapy does not mean that treatment of mental illness necessarily takes place in an individual setting. The therapy can look different depending on the problem. For example, there are individual, couple, family, or group settings.

Advantages of group therapy

Vivare Health Center treats a wide range of mental health conditions that can affect children and adolescents. These include, for example, ADHD, eating and sleeping disorders, depression, social anxiety, substance abuse problems, and schizophrenia. In this context, mental illnesses can be accompanied by significant individual and social consequences and have a negative impact on social relationships. Group therapy is essentially aimed at improving social skills quickly and efficiently. The setting promotes openness, communication and the patients’ self-confidence and trains them in dealing with conflicts. Depending on the needs, everyday, school or professional situations can also be simulated, so that typical difficulties of the persons concerned can be analyzed and new behavioral possibilities can be tried out and practiced. The Group therapy is used for depression, burnout, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction, behavioral disorders, and concentration disorders, among others. Through group sharing, participants can learn to be more aware of their feelings and work together to develop new, positive ways of thinking, behaving, and coping.

The goals of group therapy are:

  • Increasing the ability to communicate
  • Learned handling of conflicts
  • Increase self-confidence
  • learn interpersonal behavior
  • etc.

Therapy procedure

Each therapy begins with an initial discussion in which we consider the patient as a whole. In the course of this conversation, problems and questions are discussed, as well as a look at the developmental history of children and adolescents. Furthermore, in the course of diagnostics we deal with personal factors such as attention, learning ability and logical thinking, character, motivation, behavior as well as the social environment of the patients.

Based on the results of psychological diagnostics, individual treatment plans are created, which are based on occupational therapy and behavioral therapy measures. Depending on the severity and nature of the mental illness, as well as the individual goals and wishes of the patient, therapy takes place in an individual, group or other setting. The treatment plan is discussed in advance with the patient and, if necessary, with caregivers, so that any concerns, wishes and uncertainties are taken into account. It is important to us to create a trusting relationship with patients. Because only if you always feel well taken care of, understood and respected at the Vivare Health Center, an effective and sustainable treatment of the mental problems can take place.

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