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Therapy offer: Neurofeedback

In many mental disorders, brain activity needs to be influenced in some way – for example, ADHD, sleep disorders, or anxiety. At Vivare Health Center, we rely on a combination of recognized therapies such as behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, and neurofeedback.

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What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a computer-based training method. More specifically, neurofeedback refers to biofeedback of brain activity. The activities in the brain are measured with EEG devices, which are visible to the patients on a monitor. Patients should learn to consciously induce desired brain activities such as concentration by means of visualization. An attempt is then made to induce the desired brain activity, such as concentration or relaxation, which is reinforced with a reward. Unwanted activities such as stress or distraction should thus be reduced. By repeating the sequence, the brain learns to change its own activity so that sufferers are more relaxed, efficient and balanced.

Neurofeedback: solving problems instead of living with them

Neurofeedback also integrates exercises to facilitate the necessary and important transfer from therapy to everyday life – this may involve homework situations, for example. The method serves to improve concentration performance and can be applied to clinical pictures such as ADD/ADHD as well as attention deficits. Positive side effects often include improvements in social behavior and self-control.

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