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Occupational therapy Düsseldorf for children, adolescents and adults

Therapy offer: Occupational therapy

In occupational therapy, it is assumed that “being active” is a basic human need. The aim of occupational therapy is to achieve a health-promoting and therapeutic effect through certain movements.

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Holistic approach

At Vivare Health Center, we follow a holistic approach, based not only on occupational therapy but also on behavioral therapy as well as neurofeedback, so that we can help both physically and mentally ill people: We focus not only on the specific execution of movements, but also on the training of the human system. Specifically, attention, perception, movement and the interaction of these aspects are trained. The holistic approach allows us to get to the bottom of the causes of mental and physical illnesses and to treat the complaints in a sustainable way. Occupational therapy in psychotherapy sees itself as helping people to help themselves: patients are enabled to discover and awaken existing resources and potentials and thus to regain or build up lost abilities. Occupational therapy in Düsseldorf for children, adolescents and adults thus enables those affected to regain their personal ability to act in everyday life, at school and at work, and to improve their social participation as well as their quality of life and subjective satisfaction.

Occupational Therapy

for children and teenagers

For children, a play-based, experiential approach is used to achieve improvements in gross and fine motor skills and psychosocial abnormalities. In this way, occupational therapy for children aims primarily to promote and improve developmental processes and necessary functions.

For children and adolescents in particular, a stable, protective and supportive environment is especially important for the healing process. In addition to increasing independence and autonomy, occupational therapy thus also focuses on parental work or the involvement of other caregivers. The exchange serves to jointly develop solution strategies and thus to provide comprehensive support for the young patients also outside the therapeutic setting. In this way, we want to restore the social balance that surrounds children and young people.

Occupational therapy for promotion

  • Help with concentration
  • Help with learning problems
  • Help with fine motor skills
  • etc.

Occupational therapy for support

  • in mental health
  • ADHD
  • Eating disorders
  • Fears
  • Developmental disorders Complaints
  • Developmental Delays
  • etc.

Occupational therapy for parents or even teachers

  • Counseling in relation to social and psychological learning problems
  • Help with the correct handling of your children e.g. learning together zw doing homework

for adults

Occupational therapy for adults often refers to regaining a specific motor, mental or self-care skill and reducing pre-existing physical limitations. Due to accidents, health problems or psychological stress, functions or abilities may not be developed to a sufficient degree. Our experienced psychotherapists and occupational therapists will conscientiously address your concerns and provide targeted support to help you achieve your personal goals. Together, we work to restore healthy movement patterns, reduce pain, and increase independence and agency for the highest possible quality of life.

Psychological complaints

  • Burnout
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Stress
  • etc.


  • Migraine attacks
  • psychosomatic complaints
  • recurrent back problems
  • etc.


  • Increase in performance
  • Targeted relaxation
  • etc.

Occupational therapy: Mastering life with us

We can encounter mental illness at any age and at any stage of life. The signs of mental illness vary from person to person. But whether depressive phases, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety or panic disorders: Very often, mental illnesses make it difficult to cope with everyday life and restrict the freedom of action of those affected. Occupational therapy is a versatile therapeutic method and can be used for patients of all ages with psychological, physical, neurotic or psychosomatic disorders, as well as in the rehabilitation of addictive disorders. Occupational therapy helps those affected to develop action strategies to cope with the course of the disease. If you or someone close to you is affected by psychological or physical stress, do not hesitate to contact our practice by phone, e-mail or contact form. We will also be happy to provide you with a free consultation on all of our possible treatment options.

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